Hey, I'm Markly Morrison. In 2006 I moved to Olympia from the Mojave Desert to become a part of the indie music scene I had heard about for so many years. I got involved just as soon as I drank the well water! Within a few months I was in like seven bands, first touring the neighborhood living room circuit and eventually all over this planet, meeting all kinds of amazing people. Fast forward a decade and I had settled down and started a family. Looking for a way to scratch my creative itch without going on the road for a living, I heard the unlikely call of journalism.

For the past few years I have been hosting the program Low Profile, which is currently a podcast, radio show on KAOS, and public access TV show on Thurston Community Media. Low Profile sets out to collect first-hand oral histories from my favorite (more or less niche) musicians, and introduce them to a new audience. When Three Magnets approached me about the idea to merge this concept with a concert series, it legitimately struck me as the best gig I’ve been offered.

Under the banner of Scherler Sundays we have assembled a who’s-who of local staple acts, up-and-comers, touring troubadours, old friends, and history-making living legends in their golden years for ten weeks’ worth of jaw-dropping entertainment. In addition to the performances we’ll bear witness to, I’ll be practicing for my future NPR-adjacent career on our guests and you get to watch!

And if you haven't yet, be sure to check out my podcast at