Listen to the Lavender Country Scherler Sundays with Markly Morrison podcast episode below (video coming soon!):
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Notes from Markly:
Lavender Country, formed in Seattle over 50 years ago, created the first out-and-proud country album with their eponymous recording debut, now archived in the Country Music Hall of Fame. It took several decades for people outside the gay community on the west coast to catch on, but they’re back and better than ever with their first album since 1970 and a killer live line-up featuring a mixture of original members and new blood. Patrick Haggerty, the band’s founder, has spent his entire life advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and inspiring generation after generation to be proud of who they are. You’ll be inspired too, when you hear the heartfelt stories Lavender Country delivers through their purple-colored honky-tonk lenses.


Notes from Markly:
Jack Habbeger’s Celebrity Telethon touts themselves as “America’s First Country Band.” It’s also the name of Jack’s radio program on KAOS every Friday after Low Profile, which Jack has also guest hosted on interviewing artists like Lavender Country and Jeffrey Lewis. He grew up in San Diego and moved to the PNW as a young adult, where he remains to this day, adding an indie-surf vibe to the west coast classic country sound his band produces. They offer a delicate balance of real-world issues and a damn good time, carrying the torch of twang further into the 21st century with a kick.


Notes from Markly:
Zachary Cale is based in NYC but carries the sound of the south, creating mini-movies in his moody, twangy songs. I close my eyes and see the Mojave Desert I grew up in when I hear his music, even though it’s far removed from that geographic region. Though new to me, Zachary’s music is comfortingly familiar in all the right ways, oozing with the lazy vibe of a cold one in the summertime.