Listen to the Low Profile with Markly Morrison podcast episode which contains highlights from the Scherler Sundays performances by Lake and Hot Pursuit of Happiness:


More about the performers: 


Notes from Markly: LAKE has been making beautiful, quirky and lush pop records since 2006. I may be a bit biased, because I was in the group for ten of those years, but even since my departure I’ve remained a fan and continue to be surprised with all the adventurous twists and turns the group manages to make on a sonic and contextual level. Their latest album Roundelay showcases the progressive rock influences principal songwriters Ashley Eriksson and Eli Moore have drawn from over the years, recalling Todd Rundgren, Stereolab, Brian Wilson, and Prefab Sprout to name a few flavors I picked up on. For this show, I’ll also be jumping in the mix to sing a couple of my own tunes we recorded on earlier albums for the first time in over six years, and we’ll be having an audience Q&A for those who are curious.


Notes from Markly: Hot Pursuit of Happiness is the new post-punk side project of the globally acclaimed keyboard improviser Thollem McDonas. Eschewing his usual free-form piano and synthesizer musings for a collection of politically charged songs, Thollem the singer is making his debut in the Pacific Northwest following a lengthy tour of Europe. His new record We Call This One Tuesday recalls the spirit of innovators like The Red Krayola, Pere Ubu and Suicide, albeit in a very postmodern delivery. We are in for a very special treat and I’m looking forward to learning more about Thollem’s journey that led to this unexpected new project.