Listen to the Low Profile with Markly Morrison podcast episode which contains highlights from the Scherler Sundays performances by Oh, Rose, The Mona Reels and Kelsey Magnuson:
More info about the performers:


Notes from Markly: Olivia Rose is the founder and namesake of the wildly popular group Oh, Rose, whose members are split between Olympia and Portland. I remember being present for the very first Oh, Rose performance back in 2012 - an unamplified living room set with Olivia accompanying herself on piano, with her friend Sara singing harmonies. Since then, the band has blossomed (pun intended) into a rock and roll force to be reckoned with, as their devoted following will attest.

Her Scherler Sundays performance will hearken back to that first gig I saw: a stripped-down set with a few friends providing vocal accompaniment, interwoven with a conversation between Olivia and I as we discuss the stories behind Oh, Rose’s first decade, prefacing her band’s upcoming performance at South Sound Block Party this August.


Notes from Markly:
The Mona Reels have earned the status of Olympia music veterans, enduring and evolving since the start of this century. Their founder and frontman Peter David Connelly continues writing timeless pop music for the past twenty years, culminating in a brilliant new record, Without Love. The gifted multi-instrumentalist played nearly all of the instruments on that album, but he has a desire to collaborate; in an upcoming interview on Low Profile, he told me he’d like to have an album where he doesn’t play anything and sticks to writing and singing.

For the first time in several years, he’s currently performing with a full rock band line-up giving his meticulously clever songs the full sonic treatment they deserve, spanning the Mona Reels’ back catalog and introducing some brand new material. Every time I hear one of Peter’s songs, it brings about a certain nostalgia…have I heard this before in another life?


Notes from Markly:
“Olympia based/midwest hearted” Kelsey Magnuson moved to the Pacific Northwest from Omaha, Nebraska and wasted no time starting a kick ass band that is destined for legendary status in the region, cementing a future with her poignant flair for dreamlike grooves.

Murky and contemplative, her songs transport you into an ocean of sonic bliss that draws from femme shoegaze and folk influences with lyrics that “convey her feelings on making out, growing out of your twenties and sports as a metaphor for polyamory.” Her musical taste and depth of knowledge make me jealous, and I love every moment I spend with her songs.