The Quick Shop store is only open the day-of Scherler Sundays performances.

QUICK SHOP & Band Donations

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STEP 3: Visit the Quick Shop table to pick up your items.

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If you would prefer to pay cash, please place your order in person at the quick shop table!

please note: if you are ordering alcoholic beverages, please bring a photo ID and a matching face to get a wrist band. we will not serve you if you appear intoxicated. if you need to slow it down, try one of our delicious non-alcoholic beers.

More beverage options

Don't see what you're looking for? Three Magnets also has many beverage options inside, including draft beer, more non-alcoholic canned beer selections, soda and iced tea. To order these selections, PLEASE SCAN THE QR CODE AFFIXED TO THE TABLE NEAREST YOU, and we will bring it to you. Alternatively, you may go inside to order at the counter.

PLEASE NOTE: 4packs are sold TO-GO only, and may not legally be opened by the consumer on premise, or else it may put our liquor license at risk!