Listen to the Low Profile with Markly Morrison podcast episode which contains highlights from the Scherler Sundays performances by Generifus and The Pine Hearts:
More about the performers:


Notes from Markly: Generifus is the brainchild of Seattle transplant Spencer Sult, a dedicated craftsman of intricately arranged pop compositions. His casual, somewhat shy delivery seems to disguise the complex nature of the stories he tells in song, always deeper than what is on the surface. The current Generifus lineup is a well-oiled ensemble carrying the weight of Sult’s music with a seemingly effortless swagger, and they are endlessly easy to listen to. Their latest record, Songs About Nothing, demonstrate the evolution this project has lived over the last decade, and I’m looking forward to some new surprises at this performance.

The Pine Hearts

Notes from Markly:
Olympia darlings the Pine Hearts are the unofficial “house band” at Three Magnets Brewing, having played at nearly all of their important milestones. Frequently seen in the region at granges, farmer’s markets, house shows, festivals and more conventional venues, they also christened the grassy knoll behind the Carnegie Library as a performance space last year, paving the way for Michael Hurley a few months later, then Karl Blau, and now this - Scherler Sundays!

The Pine Hearts carry the torch of regional twang, with strong original songs and tasteful covers that blend the tendencies of indie rock, bluegrass and, to use a phrase coined by the Flying Burrito Brothers, “Cosmic American Music.”

From the group’s bio: "Just beneath the eaves of Washington's Cascade Mountains, The Pine Hearts are combining wood, ore and soul to channel the colossal, organic spirit of the untamed Pacific Northwest. Their sound, like the environment around them, is ever-changing, harnessing classic country songwriting, the powerful emotive themes of experimental folk, and the blazing-fast pickin' rhythms of traditional Appalachian bluegrass -- all the while staying rooted to their rock-n-roll backgrounds."