Three Magnets Brewing Co. is proud to introduce Scherler Easy Premium Shitty™ Light American Lager, and Self Care Scherler Easiest Non-Alcoholic Premium Shitty™ Light American Lager.

Scherler Easy

What is a SHITTY Light American Lager?

Beers used to be independently made. With local ingredients. You could literally taste the terroir. Then most breweries got bought up by the big guys. The big, shitty guys. Who turned beer into a commodity. And began to use the cheapest fermentables they could find. Because they like money. I mean, they REALLY like money. So they cheapened the recipes gradually over time, so that we wouldn't notice. Kinda like a frog boiling in water. And as a result, we learned to appreciate these cheap, shitty lagers, in a weird Stockholm syndrome sort of way.

What is a PREMIUM Shitty Light American Lager?
We're so glad you asked. We kept a lot of the things that we’ve all grown to appreciate about shitty American light lagers, including a little corn and rice sprinkled into the mash to give it that nice, crisp flavor. But we brew ours in small batches, by hand (not with robots!), and we use locally grown, small batch, craft malted grain for our base malt. (It's almost like we care about quality, or something...)

Now shipping in Washington State.

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Scherler Easiest

So, what makes the non-alcoholic version different?

Don't worry. It's still premium. And it's still shitty. In other words, it's still Premium Shitty™. You can literally taste the corn and the rice. But you can also taste the premium, locally sourced, micro-malted grains. And it's still brewed by hand, the real hard way (sorry Budweiser™, nobody is buying that your robots are actually brewing things the "hard way", despite what you tell us in your advertising, lol).

The biggest difference is that we do not simply brew our normal Scherler Easy and then remove the alcohol, as we do not believe that creates the most convincing non-alcoholic beer. Plus, NA beer shouldn't be an afterthought. We're trying to change that. So we designed this recipe from the ground up, as a non-alcoholic beer from the start, just like we always do. Just as they should be designed. While taking strong influence from the leaded version. And then we fermented it to an ultra-low abv (less than .5% abv).

Now shipping to 42 states.

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