Listen to the Low Profile with Markly Morrison podcast episode which contains highlights from the Scherler Sundays performances by Waves Crashing and Null State:

Notes from Markly:
Anyone who’s been paying attention to the re-emergence of the local music scene knows that Waves Crashing is one of the hardest-working bands in the game these days. Their on-the-nose band name lands the oceanic quality of their music, re-imagining the blurry shoegaze sound of the early 1990s into a contemporary context. With an array of self-produced singles over the past two years and headlining LoveOly Music Fest this past summer, the band premiered their debut EP 'Sea of Wires' last November on DKFM Shoegaze Radio. The band's newest material, a 3-track maxi single titled "high/low" released on April 15th and features the mixing of engineers James Aparacio (London) and Kurt Roy (Seattle).


Notes from Markly: Null State’s sonic adventure fascinates me. I know little to nothing about the artist behind this beautiful music, other than I can really chill out to it and it’s been happening right under my nose for years. It’s sultry bedroom pop in its rawest form. Postmodern folk ballads played over earnest guitar and synth arrangements, recorded on equipment that sounds just shitty enough to hit that sweet spot. I feel almost voyeuristic when I hit play on their latest record, 2019’s Misguided Ventures, and I can’t wait to see them perform.