Listen to the James Maeda & Michael Hurley Scherler Sundays with Markly Morrison podcast episode below (video coming soon!):
More info about the performers:

Michael Hurley

Michael Hurley was the second performer to play a show behind the Carnegie Library in the fall of 2021 (the first being The Pine Hearts), and it was such an awesome experience, that it really pushed us to make Scherler Sundays happen in 2022. And by golly, we did!

Notes from Markly: Musical storyteller Michael Hurley made his debut on Folkways records way back in 1964 and shows no signs of slowing down because there’s always another story to tell. His songs have been covered by The Violent Femmes, Cat Power, Yo La Tengo and previous Low Profile guests Eugene Chadbourne and the Holy Modal Rounders. Michael’s performances are few and far between these days, and interviews with him are even more rare. Without him American music would not be the same, and I’m honored to welcome this living legend to the stage.


Notes from Markly: Most music fans in Olympia probably know James Madea from our vinyl mecca Rainy Day Records where he obsessively curates a treasure trove of 45RPM singles, or his occasional DJ sets as Wildman James, spinning underground garage rock gems most people have never heard. He’s also a founding member of the group Spider and the Webs, along with his wife Sara Pete and Bikini Kill’s Tobi Vail. But Wildman James is also a gifted songwriter, with leanings toward early rock and country music, echoing the lonesome twang of artists like Townes Van Zandt and Hasil Atkins. He’s gonna let his freak flag fly (and maybe even make you cry) in a rare must-see solo performance.