Listen to the Doug Martsch and John Atkins Scherler Sundays with Markly Morrison podcast episode below:
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Notes from Markly: Doug Martsch is best known as the man behind Built To Spill, Boise’s undisputed kings of indie rock since the early 1990s, Treepeople before that, and a solo album called “Now You Know” released 20 years ago. Built to Spill also toured as the late Daniel Johnson's backup band, and shortly thereafter released the album "Built to Spill Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnson" in 2020. But my first exposure to his music was through his band with Olympia’s Calvin Johnson on K Records, The Halo Benders. His wry lyrics and virtuosity on the guitar have made a life-long fan out of me from day one, and I can’t wait to meet this guy and pick his brain when he comes to town. I predict a sing-along.

Three Magnets has also release several beers inspired by Built to Spill albums/songs, and were absolutely thrilled when Doug agreed to perform at Scherler Sundays! Doug also just finished recording a new Built to Spill album, which will be released this year on Sub Pop Records, so maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a live sneak preview of a new song or two!


Notes from Markly (hijacked by Nate from Three Magnets, because John is one of my favorite artists, and I'm making this website, and so I can do what I want) (insert maniacal laughter): John. Fucking. Atkins. That should be all that I need to say, but I realize that many of you kids may not have heard of him.

I spent 1996 living in the U District before moving to Olympia to finish my education at The Evergreen State College in the fall of 1997. This was at a time when we had to find new music the old fashioned way, and so I spent a lot of time flipping through indie record label catalogs, and in various record stores along The Ave talking to employees and listening to preview albums. But that's not how I found out about John's music.

I first heard John playing in the original two piece iteration of 764-HERO when they played with Modest Mouse at the legendary RKCNDY (R.I.P.), and it immediately struck a chord. The crunchy guitar, the pure emotion in John's voice, the lyrics that mirrored so much of my brain activity at the time, the simplicity of a two piece that somehow sounded so robust, and to top it off, Polly playing the drums barefoot. It was all...just...perfect.

While Built to Spill was my indie crush in high school, they were quickly joined by Seattle artists who dropped their debut albums that year, such as 764-HERO, Modest Mouse (both of which recorded their albums here in Oly, just a few blocks away, and released them on UP Records), Damien Jurado and Jeremy Enigk. But out of all those artists, the 764-HERO album Salt Sinks and Sugar Floats may have found the most play time on my Sony Walkman as I wandered the streets of the U District and Capitol Hill. I look at it as the soundtrack to my first year of "adulting", and I still get a funny feeling every time I wander the streets of Oly listening to that album, spending time in my own head (which I don't do nearly enough these days).

Built to Spill was also playing a lot in Seattle that year in preparation for their major label debut, Perfect From Now On, that dropped in January of 1997, and the subsequent tour to support that album. And so I was lucky enough to see all these bands numerous times, often playing at the same shows. So, in addition to this being twenty-something Nate's dream come true, this show will also be a fun little reunion for Doug and John who had played a lot shows together during that time.

It was shortly after I found 764-HERO that I discovered the self titled EP from John's previous band, Hush Harbor, which to this day is one of my favorite and most cherished records. John was also nice enough give us his blessing to release beers in tribute to 764-HERO and Hush Harbor albums over the past few years, and we're so excited that we've finally been able to create an avenue for him to play a show down in Oly after talking about it with him for so long!

John's current band, The Sun Breaks, is in the process of recording their new album, which hopefully we'll learn more about during Markly's interview portion of the evening.

Oh, and John is also widely known as being the nicest fucking guy in West Seattle.

Also, I totally asked Markly to keep his band notes short. Lol.