Listen to the Low Profile with Markly Morrison podcast episode which contains highlights from the Scherler Sundays performances by Dev Ray, Ali Baker, and Dylan Shearer:
More info about the performers:

Dev Ray

Notes from Markly: Dev Ray is currently making dreamy, glassy pop music in Echo Park, CA. His gentle, understated vocals and soulful grooves are refreshingly easy to listen to, warm and inviting. Dev was also the drummer in my first rock band, Airplanes, about 20 years ago in the Mojave Desert. Back then we had the problem of being too far from LA to be local and too close to LA to be featured out-of-towners, so we mostly stuck to the desert dive bars, where I reckon we honed our skills. We’ll be talking about that and his other various projects over the years that have led him to this solo incarnation and his fab upcoming album Dance Melancholy.

Ali Baker

Notes from Markly:
Ali Baker recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest from Chicago. While her life has brought on new changes such as a family to raise, she’s picking up where she left off, musically speaking. She was a core member of the band Full Moon Radio, collaborated with Seattle rapper Onry Ozzborn, played guitar in my band Skrill Meadow, and sang harmony in The Mona Reels, which is already back in effect. Ali has always been a terrific solo artist in her own right, too, with a handful of great records to show for it. Whether you are new to her music or just haven’t experienced it in a while, it’ll be a great way to help wrap up this concert series and offer a look into the future of our local music zeitgeist.

Dylan Shearer

Notes from Markly: Dylan Shearer is an underground wizard of minimalist psych-folk. Originally from the Mojave desert, he crafted his pop and experimental compositions on cassette 4-track machines from an early age, later finding a home in the Bay Area and working with esoteric labels such as YikYak, Empty Cellar Records, and John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees’ Castleface Records.

Dylan’s music has a sort of built-in nostalgia, reminding me of other music I love like Emmit Rhodes, Nick Drake, Epic Soundtracks and Mayo Thompson’s solo work. He and his wife moved to Olympia just in time for the global pandemic and this will be his first performance in town after living here for over two years. Y’all have no idea what you’ve been missing out on with this guy’s music. Describing the vibe is tricky, but you know Charlie Brown? Yeah, from Peanuts. He would really dig Dylan Shearer.