Scherler Sundays 2024 Lineup


July 21

Little Wings


Kyle Field’s musical project Little Wings originated in San Luis Obispo, and since the late 1990s he has released an indeterminately large number of albums, EPs and singles (not including his laundry list of contributions to the work of other artists including Grandaddy, Devendra Banhart, Feist, and the Microphones). This smooth-voiced California beach bum has connections to the Pacific Northwest, thanks in part to much of his early work being released by regionally-based labels Know-Yr-Own and K Records when he lived in Portland. Recently two versions of his song “Look At What The Light Did Now” - his original and a cover by Ya Tseen ft Samantha Crain - were featured on the beloved FX series Reservation Dogs. Kyle is a truly unique singing storyteller with a gift for nuance. Little Wings’ latest album High On The Glade is out this June on Perpetual Doom Records.

Watch the video for the 2022 song "Zephyr


Lee Baggett

Lee Baggett (aka Lee Gull) is also from the San Luis Obispo area, but has since found his home in Olympia, WA.  Remember when he played the first Scherler Sundays in 2022? That was awesome. He has collaborated with Kyle as a contributor to Little Wings over the years, as well as the group Be Gulls. Since landing in Olympia, Lee has released three solo albums for Perpetual Doom, with a fourth due later this year. Today he will be accompanying Kyle for the Little Wings set, and vice versa. See them together in Lee’s music video for “Zipper Ride” from the 2023 album Echo Me On:


ok vancouver ok

Jeff Johnson started ok vancouver ok in 2005 in the scrappy Vancouver, BC DIY scene. With a penchant for bedroom lo-fi experimental pop, their reality-based songs inspire action in the face of bigotry, social and health injustices, sexism, tyranny and all the blemishes on humanity as a whole.  At the same time, ok vancouver ok celebrates the beauty and joy that shines through.  Over the years the project has included many members through its revolving door. On this tour we’ll see Jeff deliver the music as a one-man band, using a couple keyboards and some other cool things. 


Hear a music-driven interview conducted by Eli Moore on Low Profile from 2021.



July 28

Kendl Winter


With her signature sweet vocal delivery, Kendl Winter has earned her keep as a fixture of the Olympia music scene for the better part of two decades, from her time in the folk-punk group the Pasties, bluegrass ensemble the Blackberry Bushes, and in recent years as one half of festival darlings The Lowest Pair. As a solo artist, she has released a handful of LPs with K Records, appeared on numerous compilations and displays a broad range of experimentation on self-released albums.  Her latest instrumental album Banjo Mantras is a delicate and meditative song cycle that takes the listener to a pastoral mindscape. Who knows what she’ll be bringing to the stage this afternoon? Not us. But rest assured, there will be goosebumps involved.

Watch her video for “Roscoe’s Blooping” from Banjo Mantras:

And here is a homemade video for her song “Mount Rainier”

La Cerca

La Cerca is the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Andrew Gardner, who has been active in the Tuscon indie rock scene for over 30 years.  The project began at the turn of the century, and their sound has ranged from emo-influenced pop to shoegaze to southern rock to ambient soundscapes, with Gardner’s pointed songwriting keeping everything grounded no matter how far out of bounds the music takes them. In addition to La Cerca, Gardner played with his dear late friend Sam Jayne in the band Love as Laughter and works as a DJ on Tuscon station KMKR. After a sonic delve into the washed-out psychedelic ocean that was 2020’s A Nice Sweet Getaway, La Cerca is touring the US in anticipation of a new album due this summer on Fort Lowell Records. In the meantime, here is a video called “Sway” from a while back:


August 04


Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn moved from Philadelphia to Olympia in the early 1990s to attend the Evergreen State College. Shortly thereafter, she found herself immersed in Olympia’s bustling independent music scene and proceeded to create some of the most timeless records of this century, released by K Records, Kill Rock Stars, Yo Yo Recordings and others.  In recent years, some of her influential early albums have been getting the deluxe reissue treatment, giving the Johnny-come-lately an opportunity to catch up in style. Currently based in Brooklyn, performances from Mirah are few and far between, and we are thrilled to be hosting this one-of-a-kind event!

Here’s a video for 2009’s “The Forest”-


Tender Forever


Franco-American electro-pop artist began releasing music under the moniker Tender Forever beginning with 2005’s The Soft and The Hardcore on K Records. I remember seeing them effortlessly command a crowd one night at Helsing Junction Sleepover in 2006- Tender Forever had hundreds of people on a farm running in circles, rolling around on the ground, and helping out with backing vocals under what must have been a full moon, and to say the least, it was transformative experience. They haven’t put out a new record since 2011’s Where Are We From, and this will be their first show in Olympia since TEN YEARS AGO. You do NOT want to miss out on this one!


Trust Fall


Since their debut in 2015, Trust Fall has quietly been becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting voices in the Olympia music scene.  This year’s album You Can Glow In The Dark is complex, with blaring soundscapes emerging from a murky, plodding cavern of positive shoegaze/emo vibes.  The rich harmonies of KC and Erica LaShon may be familiar to folks who were going to local shows in the late aughties, when LaShon’s former trio Margy Pepper was creating a lot of buzz around these parts. Fans of melodic heavy indie rock will not be disappointed.


August 11: 


Power Castle

Power Castle began in 2000 and has remerged every few years to perform live, but their first studio recordings (Power Castle and The Metal Pilgrim) were just released simultaneously in 2022. This is some straight-up heavy metal, and everything you want straight-up heavy metal to have is here… theatrical vocals, guitar duels, medieval themes, and the right balance of danger and glory. Grow your hair out for this one.


This project based in the artsy community of Nanaimo, BC was started in 2008 by Kristjanne Vosper and has been through numerous iterations, sometimes as a solo project: Their latest album KMVP goes Ribit is presented in two versions- With Frogs (for nature lovers) , or Without Frogs for the rest of us. The current four-piece lineup is a sludge fest of Riot Grrrl vibes, 70s proto-punk and psychedelic doom rock, as exemplified on the single “Anarchist Superstar.”



Fey and Forlorn

Formed as a duo just a few years ago, this self-described “whimsical dark folk” project delivers moody, contemplative pieces with female harmonies that will make your arm hairs stand up. Their lyrics are comprised of chilling tales of femmes fatales, witches, necromancy, and things you don’t want to see in the woods. Since recording their last year’s debut EP Maledicta, Fey and Forlorn has expanded to an electric quartet, broadening their sonic capabilities. 

August 18:  

King Youngblood

Touted by Alternative Press as “Seattle’s Alt-Rock Princes,” King Youngblood is a hard working band, and it shows. Fronted by singer/guitarist (and podcaster, and actor) Cameron Lavi-Jones, the group’s dynamic live shows have been rapidly building up their reputation as a northwestern powerhouse.  They write songs addressing social ills, and they do it in style.  They also feature the most punk rock cello player since Lori Goldston shredded with Nirvana.

See for yourself:


Grrrizzly is a ferocious all-girl duo featuring Lisa Koenig on guitar/vocals and Liz Franklin on drums/vocals. Lisa, whose other bands include Calamity Jane and Creep, and Liz of The Mesmerizers and Tea in the Harbor have joined forces and are making a wall of noise that will smack you in the face, chew you up, and spit you out. Lisa's raw, grunge-spirited singing and roaring punk rock guitar, mixed with Liz's smooth, brassy vocals and thunderous drum fills, create a filthy rock n’ roll tornado that blends together effortlessly.” -Calvin Johnson



This relatively new Olympia duo blends electro-punk and cumbia stylings culminating in an unhinged party atmosphere.  XISME funnels their frustrations, hopes and observational humor into a hypnotic lo-fi bilingual heap of “wow” that you can shake your ever-loving ass to.  Get in on the ground floor with this band while the getting’s good and definitely bring your dancing shoes. For a primer, check out their EP from earlier this year, Now.


August 25: 

Michael Hurley

When we asked Michael Hurley if he would return to the Scherler Sundays lineup for 2024, he enthusiastically accepted, adding “Y’know, I started that!” It’s kind of true… before Scherler Sundays was a thing, he and our friend James Maeda came and played on our grassy knoll, forever enshrining it as one of the most iconic stages one can play in Olympia.  Michael, if you don’t already know, is a living legend, spanning over six decades of “outsider folk.” Michael is also a terrific storyteller and cartoonist, and we can’t wait to welcome him back.

James Maeda

Locals know him as DJ Wildman James, spinning obscure garage rock 45’s at some of the most happening dance parties, as well as gifted musician exemplified in his work with Morgan and The Organ Donors and Spider and the Webs. Once in a while, though, he graces the stage as a solo singer-songwriter, delivering contemplative and goosebump-inducing country and folk originals that can only be experienced in person.  Maybe one day he’ll release an album of this material, but for now, you have to be here to appreciate it.  Not to be missed!


Speaking of a rare opportunity to watch a master at work… Lois Maffeo is a hugely influential songstress of the Pacific Northwest’s rich independent music history.  She first came to Olympia in the early 1980s to attend Evergreen, and like many others, she found herself drawn into the local arts scene. Lois has released tons of music on Yoyo Recordings, K Records, Kill Rock Stars and Sub Pop over the past 40 years, along with collaborations with Dub Narcotic Sound System, Harvey Danger, Ian MacKaye, The Go Team, Satisfact- and side projects including The Owl and the Pussycat and the band Courtney Love (who received a cease-and-desist from a woman bearing the same name). She also hosted an all-girl punk rock show on KAOS once upon a time. Today, Lois will be opening for her friend Damien Jurado, and we’ll be discussing the rock and roll history of Legion Avenue after the performance!

September 01

Danbert Nobacon

Best known as a vocalist for 30 years with the anarchist punk collective Chumbawamba, Danbert Nobacon has been living in Twisp, Washington where he continues his calling to create subversive anti-establishment propaganda in the form of music and books. Hear more about his time in Chumbawamba in this Low Profile interview from 2020 and get mostly caught up to where he is now, promoting his latest album KOCHTOPUS'S GARDEN​—​NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL CAPITALISM​—​THE MUSICAL. The album features over 25 guest musicians from around the Pacific Northwest, but today, Danbert will be giving an intimate solo performance, playing selections from his vast body of work.



Never mind how to pronounce it, aotlty are local hyper-pop party starters celebrating “All The Things Olympia.” It’s electronic pop music with room for improvisation.  Tasty hooks, emotionally charged vocals, trunk rattling beats and buzzing synth leads will transport you to another world- all while keeping it local. 


Christopher McDonald moved to Olympia in 2005 and was soon a driving force in the scene around these parts- his various projects over the years have all been a marriage of serious dedication and untethered party rock, from sludge-punk outfit The Family Stoned, the country-rock stylings of The County Liners, to more trip-hop leaning excursions with Daisies, and his long running and wildly varied project TransFX. Now stylized as TFX, whose album Biggest Baddest Beatest is a vibrant collage of eclectic vinyl samples, relentless hip hop beats and surprises around every corner.  Christopher relocated to Los Angeles last year, but will always have a home here in Oly.  When asked about his plans for this TFX live set, he advised- expect the unexpected.

September 08

Oh, Rose

This band was originally slated to perform at the first Scherler Sundays series, but plans changed and she wound up performing with a crew of backup singers and cello accompaniment. This time, we get the classic package. Since its formation in a decade ago, Oh, Rose has become one of the most beloved bands in the region this side of the 21st century, and it’s no wonder why- Olivia’s deeply personal songwriting is carried by one of the most dedicated, tight-knit and talented ensembles, who Olivia says are basically family. 

Mac Dawg

In the 1990s, Justin McKaughan assumed the moniker Mac Dawg and recorded over 50 albums and hustled around Thurston County selling cassettes for a dollar.  He made over a thousand bucks doing it, and now they are mostly collected on the Internet Archive.  Mac Dawg’s sound can’t really be summarized, but at any given point you might be hearing twee hip hop, experimental tape music, synth punk, field recordings, and of course, ballads. He couldn’t stop making music because K and Kill Rock Stars kept giving them rejected demo tapes for him to record over, and those tapes weren’t going to fill themselves. He became a part of the iconic Crunks Not Dead collective, started the still-active music improv act Human Jukebox, DJed on Dance O Dance, and had ties to local psych hippie weirdos Z-Kamp, Scream Club, and Friends Forever. Mac Dawg’s last album Dad From ALF Smoking Crack came out in 2002. He’s a family man, an educator, and has only recently returned to performing. This is gonna be one wild throwback. 

 Broken Strings

Adam Croce recorded the self-titled Broken Strings album alone on a cassette multitrack, and condensed his affinity for surf rock, punk, and fuzzed-out psych. It was filled with memorable anthems that sound like they’re about to fall apart at any moment. He has a gift for melody, and in the late aughties he brought that gift to our community for a few years, jamming with whoever had time, performing solo and eventually forming the duo Rainbow Bridge with drummer Bridget O’Brien before returning to California. Anybody who remembers seeing their performances probably remembers the words to the songs too, because Adam’s music is catchy as hell.  We’ll have a cassette reissue of the long-out-of-print Broken Strings album available at this show, with a slew of bonus tracks on the B-side. This is a very rare opportunity to see a very rare talent!

September 15

Jonny Kosmo

Jonny Kosmo lives in Los Angeles and works as a therapist and recording engineer (see Gracie Horse’s fantastic album L.A. Shit) when he’s not busy writing lush arrangements for his smooth California-soul influenced music project.  We’re talking brass, strings, percolating bass, and thought-provoking lyrics rounding out some of the grooviest grooves to come out of any city in recent years, from their eponymous debut, 2021’s Pastry and their latest, Light Speaks The Quilt- all fantastic records. Today, Jonny is rolling deep with a seven piece band, and they play for keeps. As in, they’re gonna keep their earworms in your head from now on!

Sweet N' Juicy

Sweet N’ Juicy are a funky fruit salad who came together in the produce section. They were fast friends, and once they realized how well they complimented each other, they began plotting their escape.  After evading the grocery clerk and a close call involving a smoothie blender, Sweet N’ Juicy embarked on an adventure that knows no end. The only thing they like more than friendship is making people dance until they run out of juice.

Fisher J Price

Formed in 1999 in the sorting room of a Salvation Army thrift store in the Mojave desert town of Lancaster, CA. While toiling there, they discovered a shared affinity for plastic toys that made strange sounds, consumer-grade keyboards, pineapple soda and cigars. After being laid off by the thrift shop, a get-together was arranged and Fisher J. Price was born.  The duo recorded a dozen or so songs and played at least as many shows, often plugging in so many toys that it caused a blackout at the venue. In 2002, Michael Coleman left the desert for St Louis, MO while Markly Morrison relocated to Olympia, and while the two have gotten together several times in the past two decades to write and record new material, today marks their first live performance in 22 years. Accidents will happen.


September 22 

John Davis

Best known for his work as one half of the duo The Folk Implosion (with Lou Barlow), John Davis is based in North Carolina where he works as an educator when he’s not writing poetry or new songs. Since the early 1990s, The Folk Implosion’s music has been featured on film soundtrack albums including “Kids,” “Adaptation” and “American Beauty,” and John has released numerous solo records on Shrimper records and his own label, Inundation Records. His latest album. Love In The Time of Capital features Eli Moore and Andrew Dorsett of LAKE, which John says sounds like “if [Tom Petty’s] Heartbreakers were filtered through the Northwestern International Pop Underground tradition, and cast a critical eye on how commodity culture shapes the way we think of ourselves and our intimate relationships.” They will be performing this new material today as a trio.

Jason Traeger

Were you here in 2023 when Jason Traegger filled in as the host of Scherler Sundays while Markly was out of town? This is going to be different. Jason is a prolific visual artist, the host of the TraegerMethod podcast, a standup comedian, and a recording artist who has collaborated with members of Built To Spill, Dub Narcotic Soundsystem and The Microphones, and has toured internationally. After a bit of a hiatus from performing solo in person, Jason has dusted off his guitar and we’re excited to showcase his thoughtful and intricate songwriting.

Chris Cohen

Chris Cohen has been creating music under his own name since 2012, when he put out the first of a string of records with the Brooklyn label Captured Tracks, Previously, he was a member of Deerhoof, his band The Curtains released a bunch of beautiful albums, he had a killer project called Cryptacize, and he’s collaborated with folks like Cass McCombs, Ariel Pink, Danielson, Weyes Blood and Dear Nora. His song crafting reaches in many directions, all tied together by his somber, understated voice that’ll get you right in the guts. Currently based in Los Angeles, he is on tour with his band in celebration of his new album Paint A Room. Today he’ll be performing a special solo set and regaling us with some tall tales.