June 19, 2022 backup

PLEASE NOTE: The Mona Reels Scherler Sunday's performance has been postponed - they will now be playing with Olivia Rose and Kelsey Magnusun on July 31. The Cold Sweats and Fastener have stepped up to fill in.

The Cold Sweats

Notes from Markly: The Cold Sweats might have been the first local rock outfit to reintroduce Olympia to live music when they played on the Cryptatropa rooftop last summer (now that’s what I call social distancing!). This power pop trio is LOUD, their songs are super catchy, and their tapes are great, too. Kudos to the Cold Sweats for this very last-minute appearance filling in for the Mona Reels!


Notes from Markly: Annie Schultz is talented new singer-songwriter on the scene to watch out for since her first live performance last summer. She commands with a blend of rawness and delicacy, thought-provoking lyrics, and a keen ear for melody, with a sound rooted in the Pacific Northwest. I’m excited to see where she goes from here, and thrilled to have her on board for this concert series.


Notes from Markly: I had the privilege to witness Fastener’s first public performance, when they volunteered to be the “Guinea pigs” for our Scherler Sundays equipment test run. This brand-new Olympia quartet features group vocals and face-melting guitar solos, delivering a nostalgic indie/pop punk vibe. Be the first kid on your block to get into it! They haven’t made any recordings as of yet, but check out this live video to see what’s up with Fastener.